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What are you looking for?

Are you looking for… a relationship with God?

  • We offer a unique path to God that is rooted in the faith and traditions of the early Christian Church.  We are on a journey to achieve union with the Holy Trinity, the one God who created all things.  The path to that union is through Jesus Christ, the God-man.  You are invited to join us on this journey.

Are you looking for… an Apostolic Church?

  • We are an Apostolic Church that can trace our roots to the early Christian Church of Antioch.  From there, the faith was passed on to Byzantium, and then to Eastern Europe.  Today, we carry on the teachings and traditions of the early Christians.

Are you looking for… a family in Jesus Christ?

  • We are a small church, and we take care of each other.  We are like family.  We invite you to join our family and worship with us.

Become a Member

We can help you to attain a closer relationship with Jesus.  Come, let us worship Christ our Savior together.  Come, join our community in Christ.

To become a member, speak with Fr. Andriy following the Divine Liturgy, and tell him that you would like to join the church.

We would love to welcome you into the family.